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Value Research (www.ValueResearchOnline.com) is an independent provider of investment information. Founded in 1990, they capitalise on their unique position as the first dedicated fund research company in India. Closely tracking the universe of Indian mutual funds, they have emerged as the most trusted provider of mutual fund information in India.Today .Source: Value Research. is the most widely used mutual fund performance attribution in India. Well known for fund performance reporting and Fund Ratings . the first risk-adjusted rating system for managed funds (since 1994), they publish our mutual fund data, ratings and commentary through Internet and print services.


Value Research is a company that follows methodologies which include heavy data analysis and ratings. Their primary challenge was they had a hard time understanding audience investing habits. Because of their strategy to provide relevant investing content to their loyal investing audience, the type of content had to be relevant to their investing behaviour.


They educated investors by using polls to show asset class options. They associated polls to different fund types. Prevented unnecessary investor herding by showing results of certain polls and what the trends were in terms of fund investing.


With data and insights from collecting feedback from their investors,Value Research's advisory team was able to find out how their investors perceived their content and what their habits were and tailor content based on that feedback.

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