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  1. A que hora prefieren la cecina?
  2. Assuming that the Brass Monkeigh iPhone/iPod cases sold for between $19.99 USD and $22.99 USD, which type of case would you be interested in purchasing. (Thank you for your vote! It helps me to know how many of each type to print!)
  3. A bancarrota deve-se à adesão de Portugal ao Euro ou a má governação?
  4. Are you adequately insured?
  5. ASPEN شو رايكم بدورة
  6. After MMPR is completed, what should be next for Morphylogeny?
  7. A que horas quieres la junta?
  8. Artikel Apa Yang Paling Anda Suka dari Blog Ini?
  9. Are you in favor of holding the Sikes Reunion in Holiday Island, AR, July 2, 2012 - July 6, 2012? - COPY
  10. According to latest figures 100,000 British people deactivated their Facebook accounts last month.Would you consider deactivating yours?
  11. After Party Venue
  12. Are we hiring Heidi?
  13. Are we hiring Demetri?
  14. Are Ghosts Real?
  15. Are you a member of MAPA?
  16. Are we hiring Paul?
  17. Are we hiring Seth?
  18. After looking at all 5 service projects presented, which one would you be most interested in pursuing? I have included brief descriptions here; refer back to previous emails for the full rundown on each project. Please choose your top two options.
  19. Are you aware of NPS, the National Pension system?
  20. Ar trebui să rămână Răzvan Lucescu selecționer?
  21. Are we hiring Senna?
  22. Are you going on vacation this summer?
  23. Astig ba ang welcome tab ng Oh tapos?
  24. Az alábbi képek közül szerinted melyik ábrázol egy véderdőt?
  25. alohalovelys blog of the week 5/31/11-6/7/11
  26. Aimez-vous vos sortie jusqu'à ce jour ?
  27. Ai vrea sa se joace in grupe :
  28. Apakah menurut anda tentang blog kami?
  29. Are you interested in going to Katoomba Engage confrence 2011? if so, what weekend would suite you best? More info visit: http://www.engage.kcc.org.au/#engage-home
  30. Are you generally an outgoing person?
  31. Ar klausytum tiesioginių SG transliacijų internetu?
  32. Apakah Anda Puas Dengan pelayanan Di Kelurahan Dukuh ??
  33. Are you going to buy a TouchPad on launch day?
  34. Aus welche Branche kommen Sie?
  35. Afstemning om adgang til vores forum.
  36. Apakah anda puas dengan pelayanan Kelurahan Dukuh
  37. Apakah menurut anda semua agama menuju dan menyembah Tuhan Yang Sama?
  38. Apakah anda merasakan manfaat dari keberadaan forum DIK ini?
  39. Are you a leftie?
  40. Apakah menurut anda Admin DIK sudah adil dalam memimpin forum?
  41. Apa alasan anda mengikuti forum Debat Islam Kristen?
  42. Ai participa la un concurs cu premii lansat pe blogutz?
  43. Are you disappointed in Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels decision not to run for president?
  44. Assonometrie gruppi solidi
  45. Assonometrie semplici solidi
  46. Are we hiring Jared?
  47. Are we hiring Jane?
  48. Are we hiring Alec?
  49. As the rain remains firmly on the plain, and rounds are down across the board after a brutal spring, golf courses are panicking. The summer is expected to be hot and dry, but will you make up rounds missed due to the foul weather thus far?
  51. A fenti hozzászólást ki és mikor mondta?
  52. After Pearl Harber was bombed by Japanese troops during World War II, the Canadian Government ordered that all Japanese citizens of Canada were to be sent to the interior of the Rocky Mountains untill the war ended. Was this right?
  53. Alright. Who are you going to send to go see Foo Fighters? Vote for one.
  54. Amar vote ami dibo, jake khushi take dibo ( Umpire election )
  55. After reviewing the whole story, do you feel Donald Trump is a Racist?
  56. Ati votat vreodata pe vre-unul din chestionarele noastre?
  57. Are you excited to see this movie?
  58. AzhagaiFriends Portal is Nice
  59. Are you going to join Block B Uniteds "Project: Letter to Block B"?
  60. Are random canine searches effective in preventing guns in school?
  61. ALVIN, lo preferite...
  62. Are blighted homes hurting property values in your neighborhood?
  63. Acha que o rei do ofm "Daniel Luis" deve continuar na liga?
  64. At the end of June the LRS team will have half the day off for teambuilding...YAY! Please tick a box so we can see what your interested in doing:
  65. Are you going to be attending OHSU next year?
  66. Aimeriez-vous que le Québec soit un pays?
  67. Are we voting Leleo back into the family?
  68. Akşam savaşları geç bitiyor ve insanlar işe yorgun gidiyor şeklinde şikayetler aldık. O yüzden savaşların akşam saat 19:00 veya 19:30da açılması veya aynı saatte devam etmesi için oylama yapalım istiyoruz. Lütfen herkes katılsın.
  69. Aké filmy najradšej kukáte ?
  70. An 18-year-old girl presents with a history of occasional mild chest pain of 1 weeks duration. The episodes occur at rest and have not affected her performance as a competitive long-distance swimmer. On physical examination, her heart rate is 48 beats/min and blood pressure is 105/65 mm Hg. Electrocardiography demonstrates left ventricular hypertrophy, which is confirmed by echocardiography. Of the following, the MOST likely cause of these findings is
  71. Are you going to get up early and watch the Royal Wedding live?
  72. Are you satisfied with the way we manage the site?
  73. April Showers... so lets choose some Water Music. Choose what you would like to hear at 12 noon, April 29
  74. Are you going to the Pokémon National Championships?
  75. And will you buy it?
  76. April Compo
  77. Are you for or against the RH bill?
  78. Apocalypse Now
  79. A la première sortie, le premier mai, aimeriez-vous faire :
  80. Are you for or against making the Agas-Agas Bridge into a tourist destination?
  81. Are you happy with the services Chartwells provides?
  82. Are you offended to see a Confederate flag flying?
  83. Alumni of the year
  84. Athlete of the year
  85. Are you aware we have an online bulletin?
  86. Are you more or less likely to watch Bellator on a weekend when there is no UFC event?
  87. A fost ”blat” în meciul Sportul Studențesc - Steaua 1-2?
  88. An Artificial Night VS The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack
  89. Are we hiring Collin?
  90. Are you in favor of Ms. Khristine Rei R. Deroñas removal from the roster of LPUCS Officers for the Academic Year 2011-2012?
  91. Are you planning on attending Bristol Road TEN year anniversary BBQ May 18? 5:00-8:00
  92. ABye katılım sürecinde en etkin rol oynayacak parti sizce hangisi ?
  93. An Artificial Night VS The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
  94. Are you interested in attending a bootcamp class Wednesdays at 7:15pm?
  95. Ati intrat in ultimele 24 de ore pe blog?
  96. Are you worried about a government shutdown?
  97. An Artificial Night VS Chill
  98. Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams?
  99. A que hospital quieren irse?
  100. Abbey Road (The Beatles) vs. The Soft Bulletin (The Flaming Lips)
  101. Alex Rodriguez or Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  102. Alvin Brown or Prince William?
  103. Ar trebui să plece Mitică Dragomir de la Ligă?
  104. As promoções do Cvira atraem você?
  105. Are Kids Invited to Your Wedding?
  106. Apple Pie à la Mode Award for Best Male Member (Award is given to the male member of the year. Even if hes got panties on.)
  107. Attention: Diasporas - In how many years from now would you be back to Ethiopia for good?
  108. Album of the Year
  109. An Artificial Night VS Habitation of the Blessed
  110. Ar reikalingi Apella setai? (Siek tiek geresni nei S gr.)
  111. Andy Kolle vs Caleb Truax: May 27 - Saint Paul Armory. What will the outcome be?
  112. Are you a worry wart?
  113. Are you satisfied with the supermarket choices in your neighborhood?
  114. Avendo il grano e potendo scegliere, prenderesti
  115. Ar naudositės mūsų paslaugomis?
  116. Are you surprised that these topped the list of brands Americans most desire?
  117. An Artificial Night VS Imagers Intrigue
  118. According to you who is the most talented sw Artist ( please be honest) - COPY
  119. According to you, which of the following options is best suited for conducting Palakkad Toastmasters meetings?
  120. Afin de mieux vous servir et de répondre à vos attentes, le club aimerait savoir si vous auriez l’intention de participer à l’une des activités suivantes si elles étaient organisées par le club.
  121. Ar trebui Răzvan Lucescu să își dea demisia după eșecul cu Bosnia?
  122. Are you For or Against Lynns residency requirement?
  123. Are we hiring Renee?
  124. Are we hiring Benjamin (Egypt) ?
  125. After using WotsMyBill.com, are you likely to change your electricity provider?
  126. Are you satisfied that President Obama was born in Hawaii and is therefore a U.S. citizen?
  127. Are you willing to pay for the $25 or $17 Polo Shirt?
  128. Artists: Round 8
  129. An Artificial Night VS Wizard Squared
  130. A new event in cornwall organised by WWII Re-enactment South West ?
  131. Are you attending the night out?
  132. A Conspiracy of Kings VS Who Fears Death
  133. Anhun ang kwarta
  134. A JU Pelqen Faqja
  135. Are you in favour or against the European intervention in Libya?
  136. AAST CMT makes this term as short as summer terms but with longer days and more lectures per day.
  137. Are we hiring Afton?
  138. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter VS Wild Hunt
  139. Are posts showing entries by FT71 useful to you?
  140. As a Yacht Broker, how do you feel about 2011?
  141. Are you concerned that Japanese radiation strong enough to cause illness may reach the United States?
  142. Are you concerned about your safety after the nuclear accident in Japan?
  143. Allez-vous faire une maintenance mécanique chez sport Olympe cette année ?
  144. Are you a fan of mixed martial arts?
  145. Are we hiring Collin?
  146. Are planning to attend Habita en MI? ¿Planeas asistir Habita en Mi?
  147. Ar trebui ca 15 Martie, Ziua maghiarilor de pretutindeni, să fie declarată nelucrătoare în Transilvania?
  148. After Paper Mario, Should I Let's Play Either, Sonic Adventure DX or Pokemon Gold?
  149. Are you satisfied with the fire protection in your community?
  150. Are you interested in a (paid) health program focused on the most important changes that you can make to experience rapid improvements in your physical health?
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