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  1. A royal name for Ross Taylor
  2. Availibility for night out
  3. Ali ste zaniteresirani za enodnevno izobraževanje na temo izbire in prilagajanja sedla s tujim strokovnjakom in koliko bi bili za tako izobraževanje pripravljeni plačati?
  4. A New World for Minecraft. Single Player. What would you guys like to see?
  5. Are you optimistic about the new Dragon Age game?
  6. Are you optimistic about the new DA2 game?
  7. Absentee of the Year
  8. Arê opizisyona (Goran) ?
  9. Are we hiring Maggie?
  10. Are You Participating in ANU SODHANA-2K11 techno fest ??
  11. aea xopeshandan dabet ba gwla jwab bdretawa agar sar meze dealok tfang be wata azade ba de nakret la dasalat
  12. Ar reiktu didinti buff slotus ? Jei taip tai kiek ? (bet tada nebebutu resist)
  13. Are Unions still necessary in this day and age? (Thank you RB!)
  14. Anime playlist?
  15. aya qutabxanay rzgari qutabxanayaki chona?
  16. Aya pet waia ka bezotnaway Gorran xezmati kurd akat?
  17. Aya atawet Hizbi Goran namanet . wa la layan dadgawa seza bdren chonka awan ajawa gern ?
  18. Are you excited for JDD?
  19. Artists: Round 7
  20. Are you on Linked-In?
  21. Are you happy with the MR2 Australia forum?
  22. A 16-year-old girl who has moderate persistent asthma presents to the emergency department with coughing, wheezing, and increasing dyspnea. She states that she was feeling fine until she was exposed to cologne that one of her classmates was wearing. An ambulance was called after her symptoms did not improve following administration of two puffs of her beta2 agonist inhaler. On physical examination, the teenager has a respiratory rate of 30 breaths/min, heart rate of 90 beats/min, and pulse oximetry of 98% on room air. She has difficulty completing a sentence and points to her neck, saying it is "hard to get air in." Her lungs are clear to auscultation, and rhinolaryngoscopy demonstrates adduction of one of the vocal cords during inspiration. Pulmonary function testing shows a blunted inspiratory loop. Of the following, the MOST likely cause for this patients symptoms is
  23. Apakah menurut Anda, pemuda dan mahasiswa asal Gayo Lues memiliki peran penting dalam perbaikan dan pembangunan Gayo Lues? (mohon isi komentar di kolom komentar)
  24. Ai vô địch champions league 10/11?
  25. A mendoni se ngjarjet e 21 janarit ishin grusht shteti?
  26. After watching the video titled, "VOTE for your favorite t-shirt", which designs would you be interested in purchasing? - (If any)
  27. Are you applying for a leadership position with the LEAD Scholars Program?
  28. Are Software SIMs a good idea?
  29. Are you too afraid to voice your concerns to any elected officials in Martin County (commissioners, county council, city council, town board, or school boards) because you fear the backlash that may result?
  30. At what point does "of order 1" become "of order 10"?
  31. Addio al vecchio "Pisacane". Siete d^accordo?
  32. Are we hiring Katie Marshall
  33. Artists: Round 6
  34. Are you walking at Commencement this year?
  35. Are you working on the holiday today?
  36. Are we hiring Amun?
  37. After using the restroom, do you wipe...?
  38. Are we hiring Kebi?
  39. Are you interested in the following topics as a SIDF feature
  40. Ar daryti serveryje VIPE?
  41. A Rita pode fazer parte do Jamaica-mos
  42. Artists: Round 5
  43. Are you impressed with the new Men's Basketball coach this season?
  44. AMV szavazás- kié tetszett a legjobban?
  45. Azkals United Cause : Mizuno Should Provide Kits with Long Sleeves for Game 2 in Mongolia
  46. Are we hiring Lizzie?
  47. Ar laikyti puslapi toliau?
  48. Are you a Michiganian or a Michigander?
  49. A lui teng leh a thak tel ding koi zaw?
  50. Ano nami nga color sang t-shirt ta?
  51. ano nami nga color combi sa office?
  52. Are you in favor of promoting tourism in Martin County?
  53. Até quanto esta disposto(a) a gastar com aluguel, seu(ua) mukirana?!
  54. Artists: Round 4
  55. At what age do you think it is appropriate for young girls to begin wearing makeup?
  56. Ausente del año
  57. Acara Favorit Anda di Bhasa 93,1 FM ?
  58. Apakah Anda merasa puas dengan kinerja pemerintah kabupaten Gayo Lues saat ini?
  59. Amanda Baker (AMCs Ex- Babe) looks better as...
  60. According to you, what should be the suitable month for next Re-Union?
  61. A 6-year-old boy who has severe vomiting and dehydration is admitted to the hospital. Initial laboratory studies demonstrate a serum sodium concentration of 126.0 mEq/L (126.0 mmol/L), potassium of 5.3 mEq/L (5.3 mmol/L), and pH of 7.26. After 24 hours of rehydration with 0.9% saline, his serum sodium concentration is 129.0 mEq/L (129.0 mmol/L) and potassium is 4.9 mEq/L (4.9 mmol/L). On physical re-examination, you note that his knees, elbows, dorsal fingers, and tongue are somewhat pigmented, and his skin is darker than that of other family members. Of the following, the MOST useful diagnostic laboratory study at this time is measurement of serum
  62. Are we hiring Quil?
  63. Are we hiring Demetri?
  64. AKP'nin gotune goyah mı?
  65. after the results of our first poll, its now time to be specific on dates in december. again, you can choose as many dates as you want :) thanks, guys!
  66. After watching Apocalypto, your main reaction is:
  67. Artists: Round 3
  68. Are you in favour of the flood levy?
  69. Använder du 90gQ:s texture pack?
  70. After the thesis, ano gusto nyo?
  72. A previously healthy 3-year-old boy presents to the emergency department (ED) with a 5-day history of a "barky" cough and low-grade fever (temperature no greater than 38.4°C). Yesterday his temperature increased to 39.5°C, he developed increased hoarseness, and he refused to eat. In the ED, his temperature is 39.4°C, he appears toxic, he exhibits stridor and intercostal retractions, and his oxygen saturation is 91% on room air.
    Of the following, the MOST appropriate next step is to
  73. Are you confident that CYFS intervention improves the lives of families they work with?
  74. Are you happy with the job Tom Fletcher is doing at the Twin Lakes School Corporation?
  75. Are we hiring Mike?
  76. Are we hiring Makenna
  77. Are we hiring Ben?
  78. A town in Saskatchewan is the country’s hotspot for some cold blooded characters: salamanders. A nearby lake to this town is home to thousands of these slimy fellows, and on a rainy night in spring they can be seen trekking from water to land. Do you know which town this is?
  79. Ask Meat and Ron :::: Have you ever cheated on your spouse???
  80. Are you interested in another round of races at Pole Position on the next Monday (1/31/2011)?
  82. Artists: Round 2
  83. Are changes in Bihar visible in the new regime?
  84. Are there any Key Priorities you think we should keep for the next four year Corporate Plan? Please tick any you wish to keep.
  85. A Gyilkos nők első évadának legjobb alakítása:
  86. A Gyilkos nők első évadának legjobb epizódja:
  87. After Saturday’s Nick Diaz-Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza-Robbie Lawler title bouts, Who will hold Strikeforce’s 170- and 185-pound belts?
  88. apakah blog ini bagus?
  89. Are you going to simplify this week?
  90. Are you open to an Everton/Liverpool groundshare?
  91. Aos domingos, em que horário você prefere assistir ao programa Café Filosófico na TV Cultura?
  92. Are you going to miss class on Thursday (or Wednesday) for Park City?
  93. Are you happy with the job that Steve Buyer did for residents in White County?
  94. Auf welchem Setting soll de_SJ spielen?
  95. Artists: Round 1
  96. Are you in favor of the new government controlled Health Care Bill?
  97. Are we over regulated on our White County zoning laws?
  98. Are you happy with the Round-about on South 6th Street?
  99. A Royal name for Shane Watson (chosen by you)
  102. are you with Nexon or against Nexon banning exploiters?
  103. Annie Duke (10 being the best)
  104. Annette Obrestad (10 being the best)
  105. Amanda Leatherman (10 being the best)
  106. Are there any Core Values you think we should change? Please tick the ones you want to change.
  107. Apakah antum akan memilih dalam Pemira DPTD NSW? (waktu tentatif)
  108. A seguito del rinvio a giudizio per diversi reati del sindaco Tosto pensi che :
  109. A photo essay always needs a great written story
  110. Am I teaching too fast in the lab? (R 1:00)
  111. Am I teaching too fast in the lab? (R 12:00)
  112. Are you satisfied with your purchase of Black Ops Guns?
  113. Are you coming or not?
  114. Attention Whore
  115. As a US Supreme Court Justice, with whom do you side in the case of Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier?
  116. And your favorite lady artists? (check all that apply!)
  117. According to our state constitution, 501c3 organizations which own real property and use it exclusively for specified charitable purposes are entitled to property tax-exemption.

    Many communities in the state have been complaining that their tax base and their potential for economic development are being harmed by nonprofit property (such as camps and churches) that has been unused or functionally vacated for years and is deteriorating.

    Do you support legislation that would put a 7 year limit to the real property tax exemption for unused property?
  118. Accomodation or No Accomodation (for the middle stops)
  119. Are you satisfied with your purchase of this app?
  120. Are you ready for some summer heat?
  121. Adakah anda seorang ahli PRSP
  122. Are you in favor of turning off the community pool heater during the months of January and February to conserve money?
  124. A KMK és a Töltelék Kupa szezononként egyszer legyen, vagy ahogy befejeződik rögtön kezdődjön?
  125. Allez vous faire votre inscription pour la nouvelle saison a la boutique de :
  126. Achas que João Alves bate bem da cachola?
  127. A donde vamos a celebrar con Eli (la cuba)
  128. A CSHU funkciói közül, miket szoktál használni?
  129. Az alábbi hírtípusok közül melyeket szoktad olvasni?
  130. Are you happy with the website?(seriously)
  131. Are we hiring Randall?
  132. Are we hiring Heidi?
  133. Assuming Jim Harbaugh is headed to the NFL, who is your choice to become Michigans next head coach?
  134. Asbestos Awareness Training
  135. A or B?
  136. Are you accessing this site from a mobil device?
  137. Are you happy to be back to school after your Christmas break?
  138. Are you optimistic about 2011?
  139. Are we hiring Tia?
  140. Admin of the Year (2010)
  141. Adakah Atiqah seorang yang sengal?
  142. Are we hiring Jared?
  143. Are we hiring Kim?
  144. Actress of the Year
  145. Actor of the Year
  146. Aleph Summer Xmas Best Team Performance
  147. Amanda Leatherman or Trishelle Cannatella
  148. Annette Obrestad or Maria Ho?
  149. Are you addicted to poker?
  150. Are you a winning poker player?
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