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  1. Age Group
  2. April and I, can not come in to terms with the name of our son, but I figured maybe we can get our fellow friends to help us come to a conclusion. So, make your choice between these names, if you would like to join our quest to name our son. Lets have some fun!!!
  3. Are you against the proposed closure of A&E and Maternity services at King George Hospital, Goodmayes?
  4. Approval Rating - Congress
  5. Approval Rating - Barack Obama
  6. Approval Rating - John Boehner
  7. Approval Rating - Nancy Pelosi
  8. Approval Rating - Republicans
  9. Approval Rating - Democrats
  10. Apa yang kau suka dari AHAC blog ini?
  11. Are you heading to a National Softball tournament in January
  12. Are you currently following us on any social media?
  13. Announcer Of The Year:
  14. Anuario
  15. At 8-5 do you think the Packers will make the playoffs this season?
  16. A quien votarías para presidente de la República Argentina 2011-2016
  17. Alesi aburrido
  18. Anecdotas de Alesi
  19. Are you spending or do you plan to spend more this Christmas than last Christmas?
  20. Anecdota del año
  21. Are you watching "The Tourist" on its opening weekend?
  22. Ați alege ca partener de viață un robot umanoid?
  23. Announcer of the Year?
  24. Australia will get to choose seven sports from the following list if the Gold Coast is successful in getting the Commonwealth Games. What sports would you like to see included?
  25. Are you enjoying the Carol Competition?
  26. A una semana de haber tomado posesión como Gobernador Javier Duarte de Ochoa, en relación a Fidel Herrera, consideras que:
  27. After much trash talk, Stefan Struve and Sean McCorkle will square off in Montreal on Saturday night. Which heavyweight backs up his words at UFC 124?
  28. Are you planning on nominating someone for expansion?
  29. Athlete of the year
  30. Antukin Award
  31. Angle Shooter of the Year
  32. As part of an effort to better understand the "Cardiff Snowdome" group membership, we would like to know what you choose to slide on. Are you a snowboarder, a skier, or do you choose to slide on something else entirely? (Please vote once, and only if you are a member of the Cardiff Snowdome Facebook group)
  33. Auf Grund der diversen Vorlesungsausfälle wäre ich für eine Verschiebung des Klausurtermins am 15.12.2010 auf z.B. Mitte Januar. Hierbei sollte darauf geachtet werden, dass weiterhin genug Abstand zur Klausur bei Prof. Liesegang besteht.
  34. Are you happy with the new Feature Page format?
  35. Angol akcentusa alapján, milyen munkalehetőséget kaphatna a friss zöldkártyás Nadalka Amerikában. (help a nov 30-i postban)
  36. Are you looking forward to Christmas break?
  37. Are you a winter fan - or not?
  38. Aimez-vous la nouvelle présentation du site de Pédibus Jambus ?
  39. Are you down to fuck Ketzev?
  40. Apa blog ini bagus ?
  41. A te cégednél kiből válhatna feltűnés nélkül régészeti lelet?
  42. A qui votaràs a les properes eleccions municipals a Torredembarra?
  43. Are you nearsighted?
  44. Avez-vous eu des problèmes de chargement durant la lecture de la vidéo ?
  45. Are you going home for the Thanksgiving holidays?
  46. A winner is which Autobot?
  47. Are you a
  48. Apakah kamu senang dengan pelajaran Matematika?
  49. Are you attending NPE2012?
  50. All I want to say is that they dont really care about __?
  51. Ar trebui să se facă și o temă de iarnă/Crăciun a blog-ului?
  52. Approximately how much money have you spent on SAT preparation during your high school years? (Including Classes, Review Books, etc.)
  53. Alright guys, please pick a date and time you prefer for this event. We will pick the one with the most votes and then send out an official invite!
  54. Are You Coming to the Movie Night (Saturday at 6:30)
  55. Are you supporting "TWLOHA Day" today?
  56. A Puch m50-eshez milyen színű legyen???
  57. Are you glad that your Franchise is a member of the KVYFL
  58. All Randolph County football teams are underdogs in their first round playoff games. Who has the best chance of pulling off the upset?
  59. As an Experiment, Should I Disable Adobe Flash on my Mac?
  60. Are you training in the off-season?
  61. Ajanvietteeni luennolla on
  62. Are you happy with the results of the November 2nd national election results?
  63. Are you worried about LGBT rights and protections after the elections?
  64. Apa yang anda sukai dari JAPAN ?
  65. A person who looks and acts creepily enters the room. Would you acknowledge him/her?
  66. Anong gusto niyong gawin for the Christmas reunion (2010)?
  67. Are you voting in the 2010 mid-term elections (Tuesday, Nov. 2)?
  68. Any interest in a version of outsideleft you can keep in your pocket?
  69. Are you scared of going to a Dentist?
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