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  1. Is Navi annoying?
  2. Ideally, how much do you PREFERR to pay per card?
  3. If you had to say right now, what do you think (not hope) the chances are that President Barack Obama will be re-elected in 2012?
  4. Is the next 5% move in the $SPX higher or lower?
  5. If Mitt Romney wins the Republican primary, which of the following VP running mates would give the GOP the best chance of unseating Barack Obama in 2012?
  6. If Ray Wilkins' return would be possible in any way, how would you react?
  7. If you had it to do all over again, would you have selected MP as the community in which to live?
  8. Its time for our monthly poll on the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race. Please choose the candidate below you would like to win the Republican Nomination and face President Obama:
  9. If you will be filing for EB2-India & China AOS (I-485) from PD May 2006 - PD December 2007 for YOUR DERIVATIVES (Dependents) who missed during July 2007 fiasco, please select your family size (excluding you) here.
  10. If you filed for EB2-India & China AOS (I-485) from PD May 2006 - PD December 2007 without dependents during July 2007 fiasco, please select your PD here.
  11. Is this poll pointless?
  12. It's the final leg! Who will be Miss Vasantham 2011?
  13. Is it fair to have a giveaway for people who have adopted domains and subdomains only?
  14. If we were to change the name of our team to better encompass our full offering, which would you choose? - COPY
  15. Is the next 5% move in the SP500 Higher or Lower
  16. It is time to think of summer holidays. How do you decide what to do/where to go?
  17. Iubesti cu adevarat fifa 2007 ?
  18. Ist die Gemeinschaftsschule die beste Schule für Aldenhoven?
  19. If someone "hacked" — made unauthorized use of — the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Rep. Anthony Weiner, would that make you think less of Facebook and Twitter?
  20. Ich nutze beruflich Web-Apps
  21. Is Rick Story the man to dethrone UFC welterweight king Georges St. Pierre?
  22. Investment Style:
  23. In which price range are you looking?
  24. In which area of Texas are you interested in buying a ranch?
  25. Is Funnyjunk a content bot or is it operated by actual users?
  26. If you lived in the country but worked in the city, how much do you think the gas prices would affect your net (yearly) income?
  27. If you could live in any other the listed citys below what would you live in?
  28. Is the world better off with half of the population residing in urban areas?
  29. Illinois
  30. IMCS Network Chair and Vice Chair Election
  31. Is the fiat money worth the paper its printed on with no gold or silver backing it? warriorwales.com
  32. If you could time travel, what time and place would you visit?
  33. If markets go up, which segment is likely to drive the rally?
  34. Il docente ha fatto delle differenze fra gli alunni?
  35. I video didattici di disegno ti sono serviti?
  36. Impianti abitazione
  37. I metalli
  38. Il vetro
  39. Il legno
  40. In what month of 2011 will the "retired" Willsy return to league action?
  41. I am looking for some guidance regarding bookkeeping and payroll. Please select the option below that best fits your current practice. Thanks, Jackie @ BVCIL
  42. In the early 1920s, immigration from southern Asia-more spesifically China-rapidly increaced in Canada. The Canadian government imposed a "Chinese Head Tax" which was an extremely high tax that Chinese immigrants were forced to pay when they immigrated to Canada. The purpose of this tax was to discourage Chinese people from immigrating to Canada because of the overpopulation at the time. Was this right?
  43. If the election were held today, who would be your favorite candidate
  44. I campioni in carica dei Los Angeles Lakers sono sotto 3-0 nella serie di playoff contro i Dallas Mavericks. Riusciranno a recuperare e a vincere, qualificandosi per la finale?
  45. If you could choose, which team would you prefer to avoid in the quarter-finals?
  46. If there had been an opportunity at the age of 14, to move from your current school, would you have considered attending a university run school/college that offered a higher level of specialism in science and engineering? (This specialism would include teachers from industry, hi-tech equipment and placements with employers).
  47. Is Brad Cooper Guilty? Informal poll!
  48. it's warm outside (finally!). where do you practice your yoga in the spring/summer?
  49. If the election were held today, who would you vote for Palm Springs city council?
  50. In looking back at your school year, which of the following gave you the most difficulty or caused the most problems? PICK YOUR TOP TWO. (This is an anonymous StageofLife.com poll and is not tied to your essay response).
  51. Is your on-line information safe from hackers?
  52. If I made a Random Class Generator app for other games like MW2, WaW, COD4, Battlefield, or Homefront, would you buy it for $0.99US?
  53. If offered, would you purchase a seasonal membership that would offer up to 70% savings?
  54. I choose the dog park because... Select all that apply
  55. If you would buy one, which would you prefer?
  56. Is noise a problem in your neighborhood?
  57. Incentivare la raccolta differenziata dei rifiuti attraverso un sistema di tassazione che premia i cittadini che producono meno rifiuti. Chi ricicla di più paga di meno.
  58. Introdurre gli asili nido domestici attraverso la formazione di mamme che possano accudire i propri figli insieme ad altri bambini (fino ad un massimo di cinque) nella propria abitazione.
  59. Imporre un limite alle attività commerciali gestite da extra comunitari nella stessa zona.
  60. Istituire una commissione consiliare anti-mafia.
  61. Impiegare la polizia municipale contro la criminalità e limmigrazione clandestina riducendone lattività in materia di gestione del traffico e viabilità e di controlli annonari
  62. Istituire la tassa di soggiorno a carico dei turisti che pernottano in albergo (da 50 centesimi a 5 euro a seconda della categoria)
  63. I Believe Rick Gerken is Tulsa’s Best Drummer and as such, he should be inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.
  64. Id buy the Groucho sleeveless jersey in this color:
  65. Il Mio Sindaco per Napoli
  66. I would prefer to study the Bible in a small group rather than at a churches midweek?
  67. If you had to pick one to come back, who would it be?
  68. In the first episode, the contestants had an opportunity to showcase their greatest talent. Who do you think did the best?
  69. If your animal friends can vote, would they vote for the PAP?
  70. ik verheug me het meest op
  71. If Emily the Strange were to be seduced into becoming a lesbian, who should do the honours?
  72. I have read the proposal for a 3-night (Fri-Mon) cruise onboard the Carnival Paradise along with a Thursday night dinner event on the Hotel Queen Mary as described (with the option to choose either or both), along with the pros and cons and I...
  73. Il PM ha deciso che vuole acquistare una di queste cose. Scegliete quale volete
  74. I would like the next meet-up to be on
  75. I Chicago Bulls hanno chiuso la stagione regolare con il miglior record assoluto. Sono loro la squadra da battere ad Est?
  76. If you were forced to give up three of the following items, which three would you choose to keep (select three).
  77. In ce oras ai vrea sa sustin workshop-ul "Traieste viata pentru care ai fost creat"?
  78. If you are in Abu Dhabi / Dubai for 1 night & you had to choose only 1 activity to do from the list. What would it be?
  79. Is it uncomfortable to get a massage from someone of the same gender?
  80. Iti place acest site
  81. Is Gulf seafood safe to eat?
  82. If the library offered local news, would you read it?
  83. Irresponsible wives the cause of extramarital affairs - http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/160879
  84. I New York Knicks non stanno andando bene come avrebbero voluto dopo la trade-Anthony: di chi è la maggiore responsabilità?
  85. In light of current events in Japan, have you thought that online backups / recoveries may be impossible to complete if the link to the cloud is down?
  86. In care zi din saptamana 17 ai putea sa participi la prezentare?
  87. I Shall Wear Midnight VS The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack
  88. Időpont?
  89. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel) vs. Hospice (The Antlers)
  91. I Talk Like This, But I Can Back It Up" Award (Facts? CHECK! Receipts? CHECK! Your wig? CHECK! Award is given to the member with the most non-Wikipedia proof in the heat of a battle.)
  92. I Can See Your Halo Award (Award is given to the member who doesnt start shit, look for shit, or spread shit around.)
  93. Is Case 5 Civil or Criminal?
  94. I was thinking about getting more Readystocks items other than Pendants and Charms. Give me some ideals.
  95. I Shall Wear Midnight VS Changes
  96. I have turned in my permission form and money for the Diary of Anne Frank Field Trip.
  97. I understand why we are using a blog for the Diary of Anne Frank Play.
  98. I have used Mrs. Walters LiveBinder for Anne Frank at home to check an assignment.
  99. I use Classjump to CHECK my homework assignments?
  100. If we would begin using Todays Meet again in class, do you think you could be mature enough to follow the posting rules for literature class?
  101. I have a row of tix for the Alejandro Escovedo/Jesse Malin Count Basie Theatre show on May 4th, should i give them away as pairs or to one grand prize winner to bring a group of friends?
  103. In the coming World Cup Qualifiers, a Home & Away Series Game will be played, Who would you like to be the Philippines Opponents?
  104. Is anyone interested in having an engraved wrench as your souvenir?
  105. Is this the most boring Yankee offseason in recent memory?
  106. Is the demand of Special Status to Bihar justified?
  107. If we are in some sort of America, where is Holle?
  108. Is baby Cancio a BOY or GIRL?
  109. Is the PlayBook a better webOS than webOS?
  110. Inkers: Round 8
  111. Imagers Intrigue VS Leviathan Wept and Other Stories
  112. Ik wil een kamptrui
  113. Is OP a fag?
  114. Is it hard to make the folio Geo and Sejarah?
  115. In which areas would you like to get education on through e-learning (please select max 3 topics)
  116. Is Central Georgia a good place to move to?
  117. I Shall Wear Midnight VS Kraken
  118. I en jämförelse med andra hemsidor för golfklubbar är vår?
  119. Is Google the only big winner with Android?
  120. Is spending so much money on Bihar Diwas by our govt., justified?
  121. Is Jon Jones the greatest talent in mixed martial arts?
  122. Is Zuffa buying Strikeforce good for MMA?
  123. If you had the chance to run a HL club, with votes, a layout and contest money provided, which club would you most like to run?
  124. If you decide to buy a car in 2011, what make do you think is the most reliable and budget-friendly?
  126. InsidePossie Best Calypso Winner - You be the Judge
  127. In which placement area did you do the most rehabilitation work?
  128. In ce luna ar fi cel mai bine sa organizam reuniunea ?
  129. I vote for
  130. Is physical mediumship a good thing for Spiritualism?
  131. In ce zi ai pune cursul de neurologie ( de la 18-20, Amf Ilarie Voronca)
  132. Is President Obama a "friend" of the LGBT community based on recent support of gay issues?
  133. Is it time to stop corruption in Kurdistan?
  134. Is Nathan Deal doing a good job so far?
  135. Is it easier to find quality dates in a big city or in a small town
  136. I like
  137. Imagine you’ve just won a free vacation! What’ll it be?
  138. In what way does the rise of China impact Cargills business model?
  139. In 11 Ways To Screw Your Relationship, who is your FAVORITE Boyfriend? http://tinyurl.com/11xWays
  140. Iti place melodia? Si crezi ca merita sa ii facem un videoclip? Voteaza, votul tau este important!!!
  141. Is Danielle Hot?
  142. Is Nitish Kumars crackdown on corruption a reality or a sham?
  143. Is the current BCS Bowl System broken?
  144. If You are Porting (Ported) from EB3 to EB2 beyond July 2007, Please select your PD below
  145. If you can pick up your Anime Five Cities badge the night before con to avoid lines in the morning, would you do it?
  146. If you were alone, and you found Mayor McCheese dead, would you eat him?
  147. If 1 song is to play in the background repeatedly, what genre is it?
  148. If ever we watched a film in class, which would you prefer to watch?
  149. In helicopter if a pilot is slow to put down collective after engine failure
  150. Is "dangerousness" too high of a criteria?
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