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  1. Id prefer the Staff Sports Day 2011 to be held on:
  2. I prefer
  3. Is Brendan's "hat" a hat or just his hair covered in Prof. Birch's semen?
  4. Is Flint gay?
  5. If Verto Studio was available on the iPhone, would you get it?
  6. In 2011, where will the Yankees finish in the AL East?
  7. Is cyberbullying a problem in your local schools?
  8. In a Modern Setting, Athan would be
  9. I would sig-up to receive these free products?
  10. If our Lexington block fills up, would you be willing to get into a room block at a different hotel?
  11. Is Op a faggot ?
  12. If you’ve changed your Home screen background image, what have you switched it to? A photo of...
  13. In a Modern Setting, Victor would be
  14. In a Modern Setting, Rex would be
  15. Is Sunday, Feb. 20th, or Sunday, Feb. 27th, better for ladies movie night for everyone?
  16. If available, would you use remote deposit in which you can scan your check at home and deposit it online without having to mail in the check?
  17. If offered, would you use mobile banking technology with PARDA?
  18. If available through your cell phone or other mobile device, which of the following mobile financial services would you use in a month? Choose all that apply.
  19. If we have ice or snow in the morning, how confident are you that DART will be able to do its job?
  20. If you could only pick one genre to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  21. Iti plac farsele facute de Radio Club 404?
  22. In a Modern Setting, Lazarus would be
  23. Is this site useful?
  24. Il 28 febbraio 2011, a Villa Miani (Roma), sarà assegnato il premio Velista dell'Anno, indetto da Acciari Consulting con la collaborazione in giuria della FIV, del CONI e delle testate FareVela, Yacht Capital, Nautica e Yacht & Sail. Sono stati candidati i seguenti velisti. Voi chi votereste?
  25. If you beleive Black money in swiss and other banks is Indians money, say Yes to build pressure for bringing back the money.
  26. I find the pace of the class:
  27. Is it a good idea to write this blog only in Dutch?
  28. Il nucleare insieme alle rinnovabile, può aiutarci ad uscire dalla dipendenza da petrolio e gas?
  29. If you could choose one AA Pro/Elite Mens rider on the U.S. Pro BMX Circuit to personally train and ride with you and your friends for a weekend, who would it be? (Choose from these riders listed in alphabetical order by first name.)
  30. I would make a commitment to purity....
  31. It's still flu season! Did you get a flu shot?
  32. I find the topics in the course:
  33. Is the potential increase in University fees putting you off applying in the future?
  34. If someone gave you $200 what would you do with it?
  35. If New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signs the bill legalizing intrastate online gaming in the state, New Jersey will be:
  36. If you are using an online wagering company, what is your preferred method of communication to play:
  37. If you are currently wagering online, would the potential repeal of the United States 2006 UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) increase your current level of play?
  38. If you are currently wagering online, has the United States 2006 UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) influenced you to lower your level of play?
  39. If online sports wagering was legalized and regulated by the US federal or state government, would you feel the integrity and honesty of the games would be increased?
  40. If online sports wagering was legalized and regulated by the US federal or state government would you feel your personal Web security and privacy would be increased?
  41. If online sports wagering was legalized and regulated by the US federal or state government would you be motivated to recommend others?
  42. If online wagering was legalized in the US, what effect would it potentially have on your current land-based casino play?
  43. If you are currently wagering, how would best describe your online poker level of play?
  44. If the next blog posts on guilhembertholet.com xere to be written in english, I would...
  45. Is it okay to flirt with an old high school flame if your spouse/partner does not attend the class reunion with you?
  46. Is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich considered Breakfast or Lunch?
  47. If World Champion Weight Lifter Rick Gaugler released his supplement system would you be interested?
  48. Is being vegan the only green option?
  49. If You Can Dance And You Know It...
  50. Is an author giving their own work a raving 5 star review a turn off?
  51. If you had to choose one:
  52. Is President Obama a Muslim or a Christian?
  53. Idemo pit van ili poklon sa interneta ili poklon sa itnerneta pa pit van?
  54. I have an idea for a cool new feature to add to this app, but the problem is that it requires iOS 4.0 to run. *PLEASE TELL ME* Would you have a problem if this app could only run on iOS 4.0 and newer?
  55. Is what I do art or fraud?
  56. Ignoring my news and opinions, how do you like the working guest ranch portion of my web site? IGNORE the news and opinions, I SAID!!
  57. Is it Chippy Lane or Chippy Alley?
  58. In the next 5 years, do you expect the amount of concussions in the NFL to ___________.
  59. In the next 5 years, do you believe that more people will be interested in MMA/UFC than the NFL?
  60. If you voted No, why?
  61. In 2003, the largest crop circle was found in Canada south of Wilke. The formation measured 132 meters from end to end. What do you think caused this?
  62. If you are having issues with the stream, what are they?
  63. Is Thailand Your Favorite Destination?
  64. IMVUs Best Model 2
  65. Is the 3 to 5 hour battery life of the Nintendo 3DS going to prevent you from purchasing it?
  66. In high by pass ratio engine thrust reversal system, bucket doors and cowls are subjected to
  67. If you were to show in a futurity, what state(s) would you be willing to travel to?(You may pick more than one)
  68. I am involved in making decisions that affect (please tick all that apply)
  69. Is this game fun & sexy?
  70. Its Spiritually Fit month on KCBI! How often do you read your Bible?
  71. I would surely attend an automotive event if... (tick as many as you like)
  72. If you were forced to wear your hair like one of the these Yankee executives, whose would you pick?
  73. I would like to see Paul Stanley re-record the KISS (fan-based) Tribute Song Friends With Painted Faces w. Bob Brunson (A&Es Ultimate KISS Fan from Gene Simmons Family Jewels), and make it available for dowlnoad with 50% of proceeds benefitting the national charity AmeriFace. (supporting people with facial differences) - COPY
  74. If Hein should make a complete Dutch album, would you buy it?
  75. In adverse yaw what is the condition? ?
  76. I Am a...
  77. I Am
  78. I Am...
  79. In 2011 GGotW should:
  80. If the RPM of an axial flow compressor engine are constant, but the mass of airflow is decreased, the compression ratio will:
  81. Is poker losing popularity?
  82. Is poker a respected profession?
  83. I play on
  84. I Prefer to play
  85. I think online poker is "rigged"
  86. I play mostly
  87. I would like to listen to skype call ins
  88. I would like to call the show via skype
  89. I like it when Soopaid hosts
  90. I like it when Frodosco hosts
  91. I like it when JJ hosts
  92. I like it when Katodog hosts
  93. I like it when MyMessiah hosts
  94. I like it when Paul Volpe hosts
  95. I like it when Mike Matusow hosts
  96. I like it when Ty Warren hosts
  97. I like it when Scott Matusow hosts
  98. I listen to (choose all that apply)
  99. Is Brett Favres Career OFFICIALLY over?
  100. If President Obama runs in the next Presidential election, will he win?
  101. Is de kerstvakantie voor jou al begonnen?
  102. In light of the Wikileaks Scandal, how important is Transparency in Washington?
  103. If your child scored above 140 on the WPPSI or similar test, and you consider your child highly gifted, what elementary school does your child attend?
  104. Inom vilket område är värdet av intern styrning och kontroll störst?
  105. In the Midwest part of the US, the holiday season is a welcome time but is often the coldest weather of the year! What kind of weather you prefer to celebrate your holiday season?
  106. If you could live another life just like this one, would you?
  107. Is this 1968 Cutlass body worth it?
  108. Is Christmas a Holiday or a religious festival to you?
  109. Is America headed in the Right Direction or on the Wrong Track?
  110. Insulto del año
  111. Intolerante 2010
  112. In welcher Kalenderwoche soll der neue Termin für Recht festgesetzt werden?Achtung: Ich gebe keine Garantie, dass Frau Schneider dieses Ergebnis anerkennt.
  113. If you were to represent yourself as a digit, what number would you be?
  114. If the county puts in place a $1 dog tax would you voluntarily pay it?
  115. Inception
  116. In today’s job market, which is more likely to win you an interview?
  117. Is Assam Govt. doing justice by releasing the arrested ULFA leaders from jail?
  118. If 10 users will click on publish, then i will post MW2 free account NOT BANNED
  119. If it were the most convenient option, which mode of transportation would you take to your work?
  120. In care dintre urmatoarele partide politice aveti incredere in prezent?
  121. If you had to type a paragraph,which device would you prefer from below?
  122. If a town didn't need to increase the levy, would it be reasonable for you or anyone to get a higher tax bill?
  123. In which areas of your business do you plan to invest in 2011?
  124. Iduća sjednica je?
  125. Is Baby Cohen a boy and girl? TBD on Friday....
  126. Iduća sjednica mi odgovara u terminu:
  127. Is Mujahid unity required?
  128. If you didnt know how old you are, what would be your guess? (In other words, how old do you feel?)
  129. I agree with the TSA and their method of search for airport security.
  130. If Continuing Education was on Twitter, would you follow them?
  131. In celebration of National Curry Week, what is your favourite curry dish?
  132. is pr0 a faggot asshole?
  133. I learned the most about the TLS Library from which video?
  134. Is it time to put a deadline to the negotiations?
  135. Is Applebees a good start to the mix of businesses that will be at Town Center?
  136. If you were given $500 to improve your community, where would you invest the money?
  137. If the presidential election was held today, which potential Republican candidate would stand the best chance of defeating President Obama?
  138. In your school years, would your classmates consider you:
  139. Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback in NFL history?
  140. In what updated city would you like to fuck your date?
  141. Is it better to date a Canadiens fan or to date someone who hates hockey all together?
  142. In what updated city would you prefer to fuck your formal date?
  143. Is the winter here to stay?
  144. In what month would you like to see the JC 10th Reunion held?
  145. In 2011, do you see sales for your screen printing business?...
  146. Il Gran Premio delle Videosgualdrine Round 4: Votate!
  148. Is it more accepted for a girl or a guy to be homosexual / bisexual?
  149. If YOU were in BBVH8, who would you vote to keep SAFE? (You may vote more than once, just refresh!)
  150. Is Proposition 19 the correct way to go about Legalizing Marijuana, or is this Proposition a step back in the fight to end Prohibition?
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