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  1. pili pili
  2. Personal popularity aside, do you approve of the way President Obama is performing in his role as president?
  3. Pottyozd meg mivel jatszanal szivesen, tobbet is lehet!
  4. Pick 1 Song For This Weeks Top 10 Fan Songs Board (Week of 2/21/11)
  5. Préfèreriez-vous faire plus de sorties ailleurs qu a la montage des roches ?
  6. Pitsel o baso
  7. Pilipili
  8. Program hiburan apa yang anda sukai mulai dari drama/sinetron, kartun, komedi, atau film ?
  9. Program TV yg anda sering lihat & anda sukai ?
  10. Pila ang convincing/effective nga multa sa late, kung ang funds gamiton sa unofficial lagaw2x somewhere?
  11. Poll Viernes
  12. Pick the time or times that are best for you:
  13. Please vote and leave commet. We will read it all. PS: If you are from overseas, write it on comment Thanks
  14. Please vote - what work schedule would you like best?
  15. Pur di vedere i lilla in campo, di quale categoria vi accontentereste?
  16. Potro del año
  17. Pulmón de Iridio (Fumador del año)
  18. Please rate this musical selection
    (Danny Schmidt)
  19. Pick 1 Song For This Weeks Top 10 Fan Songs Board (Week of 2/14/11)
  20. Polling Calon Walikota Banda Aceh Periode 2011-2016
  21. Packers - Total Rushing Yards
  22. Pick your superpower
  23. Priority Makeover
  24. Para o jantar de Sexta-feira, temos direito a 1 prato de carne e outra de peixe. Por isso escolham uma de cada. E os mais votados serão a nossa ementa.
  25. Pick 1 Song For This Weeks Top 10 Fan Songs Board (Week of 2/7/11)
  26. Poll # 2 - Stem op je favoriete Disneyfilms, de populairste drie worden op de Democratische Disneyavond vertoond!
  27. President Barack Obama says the new health care law will lower premiums. Republicans say it's already raising them. In your opinion, who's right?
  28. Pick two of the three listed.
  29. Proposed US state legislation for online wagering may restrict making deposits/withdrawals at a land-based casino. (IE: A maximum amount $500 deposit per day) Would that effect your motivation to open a US account?
  30. Proposed federal US legislation for online gambling mandates an IRS Form 1099 sent to all online gambling participants listing yearly winnings and losses. Would you support this measure in order to have Federal or State online wagering legalized and regulated?
  31. Pakistan should exchange Raymond with Aafia ?
  32. Pick your favorite Bob Englehart cartoons over the past 30 years.
  33. Party themes for February 12th (Choose 2)
  34. Pick the best caption for the pic above
  35. Please pick two Mustang team captains for next year:
  36. Please fill in this small survey for my research
  37. Pick your top three themes for the next QL: Hump Day Jams party (Mar. 23)!
  38. Pick 1 Song For This Weeks Top 10 Fan Songs Board
  39. Poll#1: Please vote for the mobile format that you find most effective
  40. Pick 1 Song For This Weeks Top 10 Fan Songs Board
  41. Padayon ba ta sa Cebu, Dumaguete ug Bohol?
  42. Please let us know how old you are?
  43. Polling Siapa Balon Bupati Abdya 2011-2016 Pilihan Saudara? (One Vote Per IP Address)
  44. Please select the political party whose views and ideals you most closely support:
  45. Pick the next six cookbooks youd like to use in our "floosie" project.
  46. Please VOTE for your Favorite Caption!
  47. Please rate this musical selection.
  51. Pick your top three themes for the next QL: Hump Day Jams party (Jan. 26)!
  52. Please choose the following mobile devices that you currently own.
  53. Pelajaran apa yang paling sulit dipelajari?
  54. Please vote for 2 Bond movies. Id rather not watch any other Bond than Sean Connery unless someone has a personal favorite: let me know if this is the case.
  55. Patturumal Gana Kairali Roomile NO:1 Kathi aaru??
  56. Post of the Year
  57. pungle: Vote for February non-profit of the month!
  58. Please Vote for Your Choice of hotel for Senior Trip 2011!!!
  59. Prochaine Stammtisch ?
  60. Piranha 3D
  61. Pick the best caption for the picture above
  62. Peoples Choice Nom: Favorite Viral Video Star
  63. Peoples Choice Nom: Favorite Song
  64. Peoples Choice Nom: Favorite Guilty Pleasure
  65. Peoples Choice Nom: Favorite Movie
  67. PS3
  68. Poll 2.2: Stem op je favoriete woord.
  69. Poll 2.1: Stem op je favoriete woord.
  70. Player of the year 2010 part 3
  71. Player of the year 2010 2nd part
  72. Port Stephens has a formidable bowling attack throughout all the Grades, who do you think will be Port Stephens All time Wicket Taker across all Grades?
  73. Poll 4: Stem op je favoriete woord.
  74. Poll 3: Stem op je favoriete woord.
  75. Poll 2: Stem op je favoriete woord.
  76. Poll 1: Stem op je favoriete woord.
  77. Photo Keyrings will be on sale at the upcoming Rumour Vs. Vibe events, at £5each, will you be getting one?!!??!!
  78. Please vote for the outstanding person of Myanmar Wikipedia 2010.
  79. Player of the year 2010 part 1
  80. Please choose one of the following candidates for Rutgers Mr. Engineer 2011
  81. PREMIO TORO ACUÑA DE ALPACA (al papelón del año)
  82. PREMIO TOMBOLINI DE ORO (al gol boludo que nos hicieron en el año)
  83. PREMIO ALEX ROSSI DE ONIX ( a la declaración del año)
  85. PREMIO COLUSSO DE PLATINO ( a la esperanza trunca del año)
  86. PREMIO ROMAN DIAZ DE BRONCE (al nefasto del año)
  87. PREMIO GARROTE GONZALEZ DE PELTRE (al futbolicida del año)
  88. PREMIO FASSI DE JADE (al peor jugador)
  89. PREMIO BASANTA DE NIQUEL (a la no incorporación del año)
  90. PREMIO VIZCARRONDO DE COBRE (al jugador que no vimos jugar)
  91. Pacaran yang enak gimana ya...?
  92. Please select two lunch choices
  93. Please Come Back In 2011:
  94. Premio Revelación
  95. Pollerudo del año
  96. Premio "el Chavo del 8"
  97. Proyecto no cumplido
  98. Post del año
  99. Pamukkale Universitesinin Yeni Rektoru Hangi Fakulteden Olmalı
  100. Post Codeless del año
  101. Parecido del año
  102. Post malaleche del año
  103. Please select your favourite carol:
  104. Puedo el...
  105. Promoter
  106. Producer
  107. Prosdiorismos xronikhs periodou tou event
  108. President Obama has frozen pay raises for Federal employees for 2 years. Do you agree with this decision?
  109. Please vote for the name of the proposed UK Hypergrid
  110. Pemilihan Ketua/Wakil Ketua OSIS SMK Pondok Indah Periode 2010/2011
  111. Please pick your preferred SEVEN members for the Kevin Lynch Award Jury:
  114. PICK 2 FOR SL
  115. PICK 2 FOR SE
  116. PICK 2 FOR HR
  117. Please vote for up to 1 MPA candidate. Voting limited to Presidio MPA students only.
  118. Please vote for up to 4 MBA candidates. Voting limited to Presidio MBA students only.
  119. Phoenixstation Chart Japan - November 2010
  120. Phoenixstation Chart Korea - November 2010
  121. Pe cine vreti pe posterul Elimination Chamber?
  122. Pendapat Kalian Tentang Blog www.ANDRIF.com?
  123. Pista del Palio ad "Mari" da marzo a giugno 2011. Siete d^accordo?
  124. Pacquiao vs. Margarito/Who will win?
  125. Pistolera MEXICAN FIESTA on Friday or Saturday?
  126. Prometes orar con nosotros?
  127. Pick your favorite Career Services video:
  128. Pe cine aţi vrea pe banca Universităţii Cluj?
  129. Please choose 5 books from this list for the Classics Reading Club...
  130. Paras elvytyspaketti Kreikalle olisi
  131. Perheessäsi on juristeja
  132. phrase for regalia?
  133. Please help us choose a new name for KTron:
  134. Please help us choose a new name for KBattleShip:
  135. Poll is now closed
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  143. Poll is now closed
  144. Poll is now closed
  145. Poll is now closed
  146. Poll is now closed
  147. Poll is now closed
  148. Poll is now closed
  149. Poll is now closed
  150. Poll is now closed
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