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  1. Scenario: Kate Kane and Stephanie Brown run into each other on the rooftops of Gotham City and Kate tells Stephanie about her history with another hero. This is hero either her ex-girlfriend Renee Montoya or her professional acquaintance Bruce Wayne. Which subject would lead to this comic passing the Bechdel Test?
  2. Sports Game of the Year?
  3. Should the chat be kept to a certain topic?
  4. Should Neverland Ranch Be Used As a Music School for teens?
  5. Should H.R. 847 (The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act) be passed and signed into law immediately?
  6. Site-ul clasei este?
  7. Skal du have en iPad?
  8. Should Washington ban the Filibuster?
  9. Should Congress work through the holidays, with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas?
  10. Should Washington ban Wall Street Bailouts Permanently?
  11. Siapakah guru Bahasa Inggris favorit kamu?
  12. Should the Democrats and Repulicans...
  13. Should there be an Absolute Separation of Church and State?
  14. Should Washington ban the TSA pat-downs and body scans?
  15. Should Washington extend the Bush Tax Cuts for All Americans?
  16. Should Washington extend the Bush Tax Cuts for people making over $250,000 a year?
  17. Should Washington Repeal Dont Ask, Dont Tell? (The bill passed)
  18. Should House Republicans Work To Repeal The New Health Care Law?
  19. Should Washington extend Unemployment Benefits for an additional 13 months?
  20. Should America leave Afghanistan?
  21. Situacion del año
  22. Spydog or WITS?
  23. Spydog or WITS?
  24. SingSnap Radio. Would you listen?
  25. Should I buy an Iphone 3gs or an Iphone 4?
  26. Som studerende vil jeg gerne have mulighed for at bestille et grupperum online?
  27. Siapakah temen terbaik menurut kamu?
  28. Social Club
  29. Stemlijst 2 (zondag 19 december)
  30. Stemlijst 1 (zondag 19 december)
  31. Si eres Poor de seguro tienes un gusto por la música. ¿Qué generos de música te gustan más?
  32. Should we invest more to ensure transport services operate without disruption
  33. Should the ban on cub art on FA be lifted? Letting everyone view the harmless art?
  34. Should the Republicans in Congress agree to another extension of unemployment benefits as a compromise with Democrats in exchange for extending the Bush tax cuts to all income levels?
  35. Style:Aki Award
  36. Skate top 5
  37. Solid, when would you like to have our mini-reunion?
  38. Should the United States seek criminal charges against Wikileaks.com owner Julian Assange for releasing U. S. classified documents through his web-site?
  39. Scotts Sound Effects of the Year
  40. Show of the Year
  41. Siapakah Pilihan Anda Sebagai Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Negeri Kedah
  42. Should they change the name of Peter Stuyvesant College?
  43. Speech is the vocalized form of human communication.It is based upon the syntactic combination of lexicals and names that are drawn from very large (usually >10,000 different words) vocabularies. Each spoken word is created out of the phonetic combination of a limited set of vowel and consonant speech sound units. These vocabularies, the syntax which structures them, and their set of speech sound units, differ creating the existence of many thousands of different types of mutually unintelligible human languages. Human speakers (polyglots) are often able to communicate in two or more of them. The vocal abilities that enable humans to produce speech also provide humans with the ability to sing.A gestural form of human communication exists for the deaf in the form of sign language.Speech in some cultures has become the basis of a written language, often one that differs in its vocabulary, syntax and phonetics from its associated spoken one, a situatio1n called diglossia. Speech in addition to its use in communication, it is suggested by some psychologists such as Vygotsky is internally used by mental processes to enhance and organize cognition in the form of an interior monologue
  44. Should WikiLeaks have revealed government documents not meant for public viewing?
  45. Should we add Ari to Huntergatherings?
  46. Stemlijst 2 (zondag 12 december)
  47. Stemlijst 1 (zondag 12 december)
  48. Should "rtd" be on this server?
  49. Select your favorite theme for the 2011 EMLC, Destination Leadership VI:
  50. Should America adopt more stringent airport security procedures similar to Israel, where small numbers of passengers are singled out for extensive searches and screening, based on profiling methods, opposed by such groups as the American Civil Liberties Union?
  51. scegli la frase per la maglia sociale
  52. Szeretnétek hyog arnoldkáról legyen LYÓ HÁTÉRKPÉÉÉ
  53. Sino mas Maganda???
  54. Should Oh Love Designs be saved and be FREE again?
  55. sino mas maganda?
  56. Sino mas Popular sa Girls Celebrities?
  57. Should Dave shave his beard?!
  58. Should CIRA reverse their decision, and let the Nov 24th results stand
  59. Should we strike IGAC.PT (Portuguese Anti-P2P)?
  60. Should the developers wanting to build The Ground Zero Mosque be given the $5 Million in funding they are requesting from taxpayer money that has been set aside to redevelop the area?
  61. Ska vi ha gruppfest den 30/11?
  62. Sa isi schimbe Horia Vesta cu care vine la lucru de 3 zile ?!
  63. Se puede votar mas de una vez?
  64. Should the “10-point must” scoring system be modified to include half-points?
  65. Sig Sensations 2010 Member of the Year
  66. Should stores be allowed to open on Boxing Day when it falls on a Sunday?
  67. Should Burak be assigned Texis projects?
  68. Should the use of full body scanners be discontinued at our nations airports?
  69. Should nation-states open their borders to refugees and migrants?
  70. Sai cosa si intende quando si parla di decrescita?
  71. Should children in America be prohibited from displaying an American flag at school, if there is a risk it will offend someone?
  72. Szerintetek kinek áll jól a rövid haj?
  73. Storm vs Mockingbird
  74. Szeretnétek ha az oldal frissülne, modulokkal, képekkel, hírekkel?
  75. Should Indian Cricket Team have played the Test Match against New Zealand on 5 Nov 2010 on Diwali?
  76. Should Roddy White Have been flagged for Offensive Pass interference?
  77. Siete d'accordo con la scelta di Russell Coutts di disputare la 34 America's Cup con gli AC72, catamarani con ala rigida?
  78. Since it is almost thanksgiving, what are you most thankful for? or... what do u like best out of the following choices. (im not putting the options of family or pets or friends here because everybody always gets all gushy including me and picks family. and i completley agree! but no pressure here since u dont have that option) (this week theres check boxes so u can pick a bunch cuz all these things r awesome =)
  79. Should @LostInStereo69 shut up and stop spamming about this shitty modelling thing?
  80. Should the Bush Tax Cuts be extended or allowed to expire?
  81. Should the Star class be dropped from the Olympics?
  82. Skal julebrusen være rød eller brun?
  83. Should we vote for contests like this for now on?
  84. Szerinted ki menjen tovább?
  85. Should we have basic rules such as no racism, sexism?
  86. Should I get rid of the Sunday-Thursday updating schedule?
  87. Should we order an all new jersey for this years WW vs RR Alumni game?
  88. Saat lahjakortin kultasepänliikkeeseen. Hankit
  89. Syksyn parhaat bileet olivat
  90. Should geoengineering go forward?
  91. Sylvester, gehen wir raus oder schmeissen wir irgendwo ne privatparty?
  92. Surtido Rico III
  93. SONDAZH > Si Mendoni Per Kete Websaid A Ja Vlen
  94. Should the corporate tax rate be reduced to encourage investment in the U.S. versus overseas?
  95. Should the federal tax rate on repatriated profits be reduced if the funds were used for investment and job creation here at home?
  97. Should the R&D tax credit be extended to include research resulting in process improvements?
  98. Should the R&D tax credit be made permanent?
  99. Select your choice for Week 10 Player of The Game
  101. Searchlight Song Vote
  102. Stem på Aarets DGLer
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