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  1. Which would be your ideal MMA gift this Christmas?
  2. What is your Gender?
  3. What Timezone are you in?
  4. Who Is Your Favourite Housemate?
  5. What do you want Tim to do when wakes up?
  6. Which lightweight will win at K-1 “Dynamite! Power of Courage 2010”?
  7. Which destination should we choose for our honeymoon??
  8. Where are we going for lunch?
  9. What tracks for season 2? choose 6 only
  10. What movie would you like to see on January 19th, 2011?
  11. Which of these album covers do you like?
  12. Which of these album covers do you like?
  13. Which of these album covers do you like?
  14. Which of these album covers do you like?
  15. Which of these album covers do you like?
  16. What has been your favorite Call of Duty game so far?
  17. Which girls team do you think will win the Courier-Tribunes Christmas Tournament?
  18. What is your new years resolution?
  19. Which year-end event in Japan are you more interested in?
  20. Who will Brock Lesnar fight next?
  21. What would you do if you observed someone being bullied?
  22. Which couple gets your vote for best literary kiss?
  23. What do you think is the biggest story of the year?
  24. What were the top 10 news story in Laclede County in 2010?
  25. Which cut by the county council from the 2011 budget do you not agree with? Vote for all that apply.
  26. Which Suffolk Law School-BCCJ collaboration event would you be interested in attending? Please choose up to TWO!
  27. who do you want to win the warped tour 2011 all access pass?
  28. Which Video is Your Favorite?
  29. Would Santa consider you naughty or nice?
  30. What is your main source for reviewing the best books of 2010?
  31. What do you think about ll PiRiT z0NE ll
  32. what is your idea regarding the upcoming tournament
  33. Would you like bagels tomorrow or pizza today?
  34. What are your thoughts on a new Vikings Stadium?
  35. What is the Greatest Modern Sports Marketing Innovation?
  36. What should the theme for the next Trampshed riot be?
  37. Where did they first settle?
  38. Where did they come from?
  39. When did your earliest ancestors arrive in this land?
  40. who would you vote for?
  41. Which item should be coordinated next week?
  42. What gets you in the holiday spirit? (Choose the option that is most effective.)
  43. Who needs to "JUST GO AWAY" this week? (Youre tired of hearing their name in the news!)
  44. Who Would You Like To Be The Next Blades Manager?
  45. What is your primary objective for yearend?
  46. Who is the OJHLs best team heading into the 2010 Holiday break?
  47. Which Caller Photo Is Your Favorite?
  48. Who do you feel is the biggest #geek in the contest of #geekoff #geekwar between @Mariejourney Vs @MikeNotaro? | Geek per merriam-webster 1-3 are acceptable :1. a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake 2 : a person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked 3 : an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity
  49. Would you like to play World of Warcraft? Dude? Plz
  50. Who won the battle (2)?
  51. Who won the battle?
  52. What style do you prefere ?
  53. Whats your favorite Bonus Track?
  54. Would you like to make the CSPB Batch 1996 Reunion Happen?
  55. Wann habt ihr Zeit? Wenn ihr an beiden Tagen könnt, schreibt bitte einen Kommentar. Danke
  56. Would you rather BANG Taye or Ed?
  57. Would you rather BANG James or Milo?
  58. Would you rather BANG Johnny or Chris?
  59. Would you rather BANG Oded or Andy?
  60. Would you rather BANG Jon or Andy?
  61. Would you rather BANG Zac or Chris?
  62. Would you rather BANG Jason or Mark?
  63. Would you rather BANG Mark or James?
  64. What do you use your computer for?
  65. Which tree is your favorite?
  66. Where would you like to invest in to save taxes?
  67. What type of post would you like to see in the group "FOOT FETISH INDIA"
  68. Which divisional No. 1 had the best 2010?
  69. Who had the best Breakthrough Victory of 2010?
  70. Which photo should be Photo of the Week?
  71. What grade do you give the recently concluded special legislative session on ethics reform?
  72. Would you like for ASG to take informal polls from their website?
  73. With the Milwaukee Brewers blockbuster trade for Zach Greinke how many wins will the 'Crew have in 2011
  74. Who Do You Support For President Of Liberia In 2011
  75. Which website name for fantasy sports advice do you prefer?
  76. What is your Favorite Chess Champion?
  77. Which little girl name do you like best?
  78. Who is the top pound-for-pound fighter in MMA?
  79. What would you like Troy to do to fix Xaddo Bugs?
  80. Whats your shirt size pledge!?
  81. What sport would you like to play?
  82. Who is the Winner of Project Daly?
  83. Would You Pay for a Conquer Online 2.0 Latest Patch Proxy ? and what Features Would You Like Please Click Comment Below and Leave Ur Response with Your Name.. Tnx
  84. Week 3 - Vote For Your Favorite Song!!
  85. Which of these prime-time performances do you think is the most impressive?
  86. What would you like to see PT Football add next year?
  87. Will Jamie Varner be cut?
  88. Which one of these things would you like to see added to PT Hoops?
  89. Which WEC champion will have the greatest impact in the UFC?
  90. Whats your favorite Christmas movie? (If your favorite isnt listed, tell me in the YouTube comments, and Ill add it here!)
  91. What games from our piles of shame are in your pile?
  92. Who is the Caribbeans most influential woman?
  93. What type of computer do you use at home?
  94. What are you having for your Christmas lunch?
  95. What do you want Tim to do next?
  96. Whats the best way to crown a National Champion?
  97. Who is the Saints MVP for 2010?
  98. Which lightweight won on your scorecard?
  99. Who won on your scorecard?
  100. Which logo should go on my biz cards for now?
  101. Where are the Andeman Islands?
  102. What is the primary way you earn the PDUs required to maintain your PMP certification?
  103. Which quartet name is the strangest you have ever heard of?
  104. What Pajama Outfit is Your Favorite?
  105. Which three fights would you like to see in the next round of JoltKombat?
  106. Wij als Nederlands volk vinden dat Sahar moet blijven. #2zetelinnitiatief
  107. What do you think of this new song from Ryan Stevenson called "Yesterday, Today, Forever"?
  108. Whats your idea of the perfect holiday vacation?
  109. What is the BEST Place to Hike in New Jersey?
  110. Wil jij aquazumba volgen op donderdag van 19u tot 20u in Mechelen
  111. Where will the White Sox finish after this weekends round of Gillies Shield?
  112. What Band(s) would you like to see for the Amp Entertainment May show in 2011 in Watertown NY?
  113. WHO IS THE BEST SINGER? (Ki a legjobb énekes?)
  114. Would you take action if an existing employee were to get a visible/uncover-able tattoo?
  115. What was the top play of the week?
  116. What should we do with the shuttlecock?
  117. What would you like to see more on the site in 2011?
  118. What would you MOST like to see on this site?
  119. Which team will challenge the Lakers for the Western Conference title?
  120. Which of the built-in apps do you basically never use? (You can vote more than once!)
  121. Who should be the winner of the UFA $4000 grand prize in the UFA 3D Mapping Competition?
  122. Who makes you happy more, friends or family?
  123. Wrestler Of The Year:
  124. Would you rather BANG Chris or Matt?
  125. Would you rather BANG Dave or NPH?
  126. Would you rather BANG Jason or Gerard?
  127. Would you rather BANG Alexander or Robert?
  128. Would you rather BANG Matthew or Paul?
  129. Would you rather BANG Timothy or Jeffrey?
  130. Would you rather BANG Justin or Jay?
  131. Would you rather BANG Ryan or Josh?
  132. What is your favorite SMG?
  133. What is your Christmas shopping budget this year?
  134. Who do you think should be HERO of the month for November?
  135. Which restaurant do you want to eat at?
  136. What is your favourite Christmas Carol?
  137. Which photo should be Photo of the Week?
  138. Where did you learn to write clearly?
  139. Which of the following dates will you be able to make the Yearbook Camp TA Reunion? PICK TWO.
  140. What political issue do you think will be the most significant in 2011?
  141. Will you be alone this Christmas, or with friends and family?
  142. What is the most important issue facing the country today?
  143. Will your children be better off than you?
  144. Which WEC 53 main card bout has the most "Fight of the Night" potential?
  145. What will be the outcome of Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields?
  146. Who is the Pound for Pound best fighter in Mixed Martial Arts?
  147. Which site sucks the most shit
  148. Would you like to attend an Art of the Song Live Event?
  149. Which new shirt design would you like to see in the ideo Productions store? ( http://bit.ly/ideoStore )
  150. Who will you kill?
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