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  1. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 20 June
  2. Your Favourite Exclusive Single 13 June?
  3. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 06 June
  4. Your Favorite of the Week
  5. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 30 May?
  6. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 23 May?
  7. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 16 May?
  8. You have met all the girls and have heard the judges' comments.Tell us who your favourite judge is.
  9. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 02 May?
  10. Your favorite game type in Black Ops?
  11. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 02 May?
  12. Y la menos copada?
  13. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 25 Apr?
  14. Your favorite cartoon slut?
  15. Your favorite toon slut?
  16. Your vote for UT College of Dentistrys Psi Omega President for the year of 2011-2012 is:
  17. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 18 Apr?
  18. Yrityksen / tuotteen / domainin nimi
  19. YC "RACKS" KEEP IT or SLEEP IT????
  20. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 11 Apr
  21. Y a vos que nombre te gusta?
  22. You have a spring break from Wednesday, April 4- April 11th. What are your plans?
  23. Your Favourite Exclusive Single 04 Apr?
  24. Your Favorite Butt??
  25. Your Favourite Exclusive Single 28 Mar?
  26. You used IBM e-learning in the past. What made you satisfied/unsatisfied ? Please tick everything which is true
  27. Your Choice!?
  28. Your Favourite Exclusive Single 21 Mar?
  29. Yaa qaadaya Champions League?
  30. Yo, Emruki, its been three chapters! What happened to the "possibly BL undertones?"
  31. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 14 Mar?
  32. You are treating a 4-month-old infant who was born with tetralogy of Fallot. Her mother brings her to the clinic because she has had diarrhea and fever since the previous evening. On physical examination, the infant is irritable and has cyanosis and a heart rate of 180 beats/min. Of the following, the finding that is MOST consistent with a tetralogy spell is:
  33. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 07 Mar?
  34. You are evaluating a 6-month-old child who has a ventricular septal defect and is scheduled for cardiac surgery. The childs weight is 6 kg (3rd percentile), length is at the 30th percentile, and head circumference is at the 50th percentile. His mother states she prepares the formula by adding 1 scoop of powder to 2 oz of water. She estimates that he drinks 24 oz of formula per day. You estimate the babys intake is approximately 500 kcal per day of cow milk formula, which is the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for his age. According to his mother, he spits up three times a day and passes two soft stools daily. On physical examination, you hear a 3/6 holosystolic murmur and palpate the liver 1 cm below the right costal margin. Of the following, the BEST explanation for the childs malnutrition is:
  35. You found a wallet with credit cards, license, and $500 in it... what do you do?
  36. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 28 Feb?
  37. Your R3 half-day is coming up, and we want to know what you would like to learn about! Please choose TWO of the following options. We will do our best to coordinate the most popular 2 topics. Submit your preferences by this Monday March 7th.
  38. Your R2 half-day is coming up, and we would like to know what you are interested in learning about. Please check your top two choices, and we will coordinate the two most popular topics in your class. Submit your responses by this Monday, March 7th.
  39. You are a member of a famous rock band, would you rather:
  40. You Pick The Winner For The Protective Styling Anybody Can Rock Contest
  41. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 21 Feb
  42. Your rating for EWT
  43. Your prefared colour? / Какой цвет вы предпочитаете? / Kādu krāsu jūs izvēlaties?
  44. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 14 Feb?
  45. Yeni kurulacak sözlüğün ismi ne olsun?
  46. Your thoughts on me starting up a (yet another!) forum for the discussion of Japanese pro wres?
  48. Your Favourite Exclusive Single - 07 Feb?
  49. Your Predictions AZKALS vs MONGOLIA
  50. Your Favorite Exclusive Single - 31 Jan?
  51. Your Favorite Exclusive Single - 24 Jan?
  52. Your Favorite Exclusive Single - 17 Jan?
  53. Your Favourite Creative Disc Exclusive Single – 10 Jan ?
  54. you may choose your fate now
  55. Your Favorite Thai Island?
  56. Your Favorite Beer in Thailand?
  57. Your favourite male singer is ?
  58. Your vote for the 2010 Linescratchers Popular Award goes to:
  59. Your vote for the 2010 Linescratchers Award goes to:
  60. Years playing online poker
  61. Years playing live poker
  62. Your Pick for Best Christmas Logo:
  63. You naughty rascal -- who would you rather get caught by?
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